Well-Woman Checks

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Welcome to our GP surgery

Where we strive to provide quality healthcare services to all our patients. We understand the importance of women's health, and as such, we offer a range of services including the well-woman checkup.


What is a well-woman checkup?

A well-woman checkup is a comprehensive medical exam that focuses on the specific health needs of women. It is designed to promote early detection and prevention of common female health problems, and to help women make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.


What tests or examinations are included in a well-woman checkup?

A well-woman checkup may include the following tests and examinations:

  1. Breast exam: A clinical breast exam is performed to check for any lumps, bumps or changes in the breast tissue. Women are also encouraged to perform regular self-breast exams.
  2. Pap smear: A Pap smear is a screening test to detect cervical cancer. It involves taking a small sample of cells from the cervix, which are then examined for abnormalities.
  3. Pelvic exam: A pelvic exam involves the visual examination of the external genitalia, followed by an internal exam of the cervix and uterus. This is done to check for any abnormalities or signs of infection.
  4. STI screening: Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing may be recommended as part of the well-woman checkup, particularly for women who are sexually active.
  5. Blood pressure and cholesterol checks: High blood pressure and cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, and women are encouraged to have these checked regularly.
  6. Bone density test: Women over the age of 50 may be recommended to have a bone density test to check for signs of osteoporosis.
  7. Mammogram: Women over the age of 50 may be recommended to have a mammogram every two years to screen for breast cancer.

When should you schedule a well-woman checkup?

The frequency of well-woman checkups may vary depending on a woman's age, medical history, and health status. Generally, women are encouraged to have a well-woman checkup at least once a year.

If you are due for a well-woman checkup or have any concerns about your health, please schedule an appointment with our GP surgery. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals will provide you with comprehensive care and support.